Benefits of the lemon peel for the hair

For those of us how are part of Naranjas San Rafael our priority is always to take care of your health. It is for this that we offer oranges and mandarins of the best quality, taste and nutrients. By the way, take a look here, if you want to be aware of the benefits the clementines have.

However, today we bring you this new post about the main advantages of citric fruits in a more visible place: your hair. Because we  know that being comfortable with our image is something that has a positive impact in our interior health. Take some notes!

But, is the lemon good for the hair?

We don´t want to spoil you the end of the post, but yes, the answer is yes: the lemon, applied in the correct way it is not only a perfect condiment in sodas and salads, but is has some properties which make it ideal to improve the physical aspect of our hair.

If in between our readers we find someone especially sceptic, we will tell you that the lemon, and most in detail the juice and its peel, have been employed to improve the exterior appearance since civilisation as ancient as the ancient Greece or Egypt. And it doesn’t really sound so awkward to us, as we have list of the advantages this citrus offers us:

  • Helps to eliminate the hair´s fat due to its astringent effect which reduces the secretion of tallow.
  • Clarifies the hair´s colour as it regulates the ph. Important: in dark hairs the colour change won’t be so evident.
  • Reduces the dandruff due to its great exfoliating ability which eliminates the excess of dead cells. Note: this property is also ideal for its application in the skin through handmade exfoliant.
  • Stimulates the hairs growth. It has a huge anti-hair loss. This property is especially helpful with cases of hair loss due to hormonal changes or poor nutrition cases.

The reason that makes the lemon to be so present in more cosmetic products than we realise, is its high content in aflahidroxi-acids  responsible of its exfoliating effect; phosphor and vitamin B.

How should we apply it?

Now that we already know the benefits that the lemon can offer to our hair we can apply it and improve in a simple and natural our  hair health and appearance.

In addition we will now show you some of the most effective formula to nourish your hair with this citrus properties:

  •  Lemon juice: this technic is as simple as squeezing a lemon and mixing the juice with water. Make sure the water is mineral water, or at least bottled water to reduce the calcium carbonate content. Massage the hair with the mixture in a uniform way and leave it on your hair for 5 minutes. Clear it with your normal shampoo. This method is great to clear your hair colour, give a brighter outlook to your hair and a more healthy aspect.
  • Lemon and egg masque: as it well defines it name, we only have to mix both ingredients after eliminating the eggs yolk. Massage you hair with the mixture and leave it make effect for 20 minutes, then wash your hair.
  • Lemon and coconut milk: this mixture is as simple as the ones explained before but this one has a bigger effect on your hairs roots. Apply the mixture massaging your hair and leave it for no more than half an hour.

Finally, you must know that the frequency if the applications mustn’t be higher than 3 days per week. As the lemon is an acid fruit it can irritate your skin if it is not applied correctly. Therefore we want you to read carefully the following advice of how to apply the natural lemon remedies:

  • Do not expose yourself at the sun while applying the mixture. If you do so, you can burn your hair due to the effect of the UV lights.
  • Do not leave the lemon mixture more than 30 minutes. As we have said before, it can irritate your skin.
  • Always apply it massaging your hair in a uniform way so that it spreads properly.

Show off with your hair!

If you are one of those how takes seriously its health and your hairs aspect, we are sure that this post is taylor made for you. We hope that our tips give you great results.


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