How many calories does a mandarine have?

Winter has already reached us and with the cold winter also come the low temperatures. But don’t worry, because the mandarins and oranges San Rafael are ripening greatly so that the low temperatures don’t catch you unaware.  Take a look in and book your mandarins now. You will surely know [...]

The beehive …Our precious treasure!

The world of the bees is fascinating and we could talk about them for hours, but we want to start by explaining you how does their home work: the beehive. The apiculture is the practice of keeping and reproducing bees and it has progressively evolved since the egyptians started to construct [...]

Homemade orange cake…try it!

Citrus cakes are always great, but there is one that stands out from all the other and thats  our homemade orange cake. With our homemade recipe you will achieve  a spongy, juicy and tasty biscuit. Simple recipe ideal for those who are starting to learn The perfect dessert!   Ingredients 6-8 Oranges San [...]