The origin of marmalade

After a refreshing summer break we are here back again with our energies fully recharged. We are willing to show you new recipes and to tell you stories as interesting as the one we want to tell you about today in our blog: how did the orange marmalade originate.

The origin of orange marmalade took place in the XVIII century, around 1760. A british merchant named Jame Keiller decided to buy a Spanish ship´s cargo. This cargo included a large quantity of oranges, which Keiller thought to be sweet. The ship had started its journey in Seville but was delayed due  to a raging storm.

Keiller thought this setback would damage the fruits making them less fresh than they ought to have been, but what he hadn´t considered was the posibility of receiving a bitter oranges cargo instead of the sweet ones he thought to have bought.

Thanks to the ability of his wife, Janet, they managed to find a solution to the cargo they had received. The Keiller´s owned a small confectionery shop producing jams, so they decided to modify a quince based recipe, in portuguese marmelo, by mixing the quince jam with the bitter oranges they had bought.

They named this new recipe marmalade, which for many years was exclusive for the elaboration of oranges jams.

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