Zucchini Carpaccio

Seizing the last end of the summer and before winter catches us, we bring you a healthy and summery recipe ideal for an evening meal with your partner, family or even friends: Zucchini carpaccio.

This vegetable is typical of the Mediterranean diet, its cheap, healthy and very tasty. What makes it wonderfull for those who are more reluctant to eat green and start to introduce healthy dishes in their diet.

Zucchini offers us loads of possibilities,  so don´t be surprised to find it as part of other recipes in Naranjas San Rafael blog.  Today, we start with an easy and simply recipe for those who are starting themselves in the art of cooking. Are you ready?



Step by step

Extend the zucchini slices, of 1 to 2 mm of thickness, in the plate you plan to serve the dish. In order to achieve slices of this thickness we recommend you to use a mandolin, which will allow you to cut zucchini or any other product into thin blades, giving your dishes a delicious appearance without risk of hurting yourself when slicing the food.

Before adding the sauce, it is preferable you spread some pepper over the zucchini slices to maximize its flavour, avoiding the dressing to obscure it.

In a separate bowl mix some virgin olive oil, depending how much on how you like the dressing, 2 teaspoons of orange juice and soya sauce.  Move intensely to emulsify the mixture and pour over the zucchini slices. Trick: a bit of honey will give a sweet touch and will pleasantly surprise you when eating the dish. Try it!


Finally, we add the rucula leafs and in order to give the dish our final touch, we add a nice portion of the Italian king of the cheese; parmesan cheese. You can add it in slices, powder, or, in blocks to play with different textures.


Once again, we hope you have enjoyed reading our recipe but above cooking and tasting it.

Tell us how you have found it!

See you soon!


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